Tips for Fixing Window Shades in Your Apartment Complex

Tips for Fixing Window Shades in Your Apartment ComplexIf you own an apartment complex, you're used to being called upon to fix a variety of issues in your apartments. With so many apartments and so many windows, it's natural that some of your tenants will damage the window shades from time to time. Here are some tips for fixing window shades in your apartment complex. If the shades are beyond fixing, contact a commercial window covering provider in San Jose to purchase new window shades.

Adjusting the Spring Tension
If the shades roll up faster or slower than normal, the tension of the spring in the roller may need to be adjusted. An over-tightened spring will cause the shade to roll up quickly, while a spring that is too loose will cause the shade to roll up too slowly. To loosen the spring, just roll the shade up and remove the roller from the brackets holding it in place. To tighten the spring, pull the shade halfway down and remove the roller from the brackets. Roll the shade up manually and replace it in the brackets. Repeat until the shades roll up and unroll normally.

Falling Shades
If the window shades fall when you attempt to pull it down, either the brackets are too far apart or the pin in one side of the roller is worn down. If the brackets are on the outside of the window frame, tap them together gently using a hammer or try moving the brackets closer in. If this doesn't help, consider purchasing new replacement window coverings from a commercial window covering provider in San Jose.

Uncoiled and Locked Springs
If a shade is stuck in a lowered position, the spring may be fully uncoiled. You can fix this by lifting the roller out of the brackets and unrolling the shade halfway. Using pliers, turn the flat pin on one end of the roller until you feel resistance. Repeat the procedure for tension adjustment if the spring is too loose or too tight. If the shade won't pull down, the spring could be locked in the coil. The spring can be released by removing the roller from the brackets.

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