Selecting Window Treatments for Your Game Room

Even in northern California, the sun is frequently shining year-round. Window coverings in San Jose are essential for any space, especially commercial spaces such as game rooms in apartment complexes, health clubs, or office buildings. Excessive sun can damage the cloth on a pool table, cause the top of a ping-pong table to warp, fade the fabric on couches, and cause televisions and video game systems to overheat. Consult the guide below to learn about the advantages of different types of window coverings in a game room.

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Blinds come in two styles: vertical and horizontal. For a game room, vertical blinds are a better choice than horizontal. Flying ping pong balls, pool balls, and darts could easily damage horizontal blinds, and the cords tangle easily. However, vertical blinds are most appropriate for larger windows, such as floor-to ceiling windows or sliding patio doors. If your game room has smaller windows, horizontal blinds may be the only type that fit. In this case, you should also consider another type of window treatment.


Drapes or curtains can be a good choice for a game room, especially one that includes a TV and video game console. These are among the few types of window treatments that can provide complete black-out darkness even in the middle of the day. However, be wary of using drapes on windows too close to features such as pool tables, for example. A poor shot could send the tip or butt of a cue into the drapes and cause rips or tears. Also, it is expensive to clean drapes, and you must send them out to a dry cleaner.


If your game room has small windows at approximately head or eye level, shutters are a very good option. They are very easy to operate, since the louvers can be adjusted to let in plenty of light, or closed to make the room very dark. Also, they are very durable and easy to clean. Shutters have no cords that can get tangled or fabric that can rip.

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