Energy Efficient Window Treatment Options for Your Apartment Building

Looking for some commercial window treatments for apartments near Milpitas or San Jose? Your choice of commercial window treatments for apartments won’t just update the aesthetic of your apartments, but can also aid in the energy efficiency of your apartment building if used correctly. Keep reading to learn more about window shutters and blinds that can slash energy bills in your apartment building.



Commercial blinds for apartments offer excellent flexibility in the summer, as they can be adjusted with ease. This allows you to let in just enough natural light while blocking the hot sun rays. Since blinds are versatile and easy to use, it’s likely you’ll use them more often in the summer, reducing your air conditioning bills by keeping the hot sun out. Blinds come in numerous varieties, and your preference may depend upon the style of window that you are aiming to cover. You can choose from aluminum blinds, mini blinds, and faux wood blinds, among others.


Window shades, such as commercial roller shades, are also easy and effective to use. Plus, they also look great in a variety of settings. In order to get the most energy efficiency out of shades, they should be mounted as close to the glass as possible to create a sealed air space that offers an additional layer of insulation for your apartment building. In the summer, shades should be lowered on sunlit windows to block heat from entering the building. In the winter, shades on the south-facing side of the building should be raised during the day to allow heat in and lowered at night to prevent it from escaping.


Window shutters, including plantation shutters, can help maintain energy efficiency in your apartment building during both the summer and winter. Exterior shutters can be advantageous because they do not take up any space inside the building. However, interior shutters are also useful for keeping out heat. Additionally, shutters can be used to ventilate an area in the summer while blocking sunlight, thus cooling indoor areas without the use of excess energy.

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