Touring the Different Types of Shutters

More and more homeowners and building owners are making the decision to install plantation style shutters in their properties. This style of window covering is a favorite due to its functionality, aesthetic appeal, and durability. If you are considering installing residential or commercial shutters in Milpitas or San Jose, keep reading for a breakdown of the different types of shutters available.

Types of Shutters ShutterSMART Shutters

ShutterSMART is the largest window shutter manufacturer in the United States. ShutterSMART offers a polyclad shutter, which is a hardwood shutter encased in a poly film. The wood core lends substance and strength, while the poly shell makes ShutterSMART shutters more durable to everyday wear and tear. Because of their elegant looks, these shutters are a great option for residential window coverings, whether it is in a home or an apartment building. Furthermore, ShutterSMART has been a leader in green building materials since 1983. ShutterSMART shutters are recyclable, as well as VOC and formaldehyde free.

Allview Shutters

Allview window shutters are another terrific option for commercial or residential window coverings. They offer all the beauty and elegance of hardwood shutters at a more economical price. Allview window shutters are constructed from a polymer and coated with a special Woodtex finish that makes them nearly indiscernible from natural wood shutters. Additionally, Allview shutters weigh less than traditional wood shutters, allowing for ease of use and installation. Allview shutters are also environmentally friendly. They are made in the United States, paint-free, MDF-free, and recyclable. On top of all of that, Allview shutters offer increased insulation to any home or business, lowering your energy use.

Wood Shutters

There is something truly timeless about the look and feel of real wood shutters. Crafted in the United States from natural hardwood, wood shutters are a top choice for residential window coverings. Because they can be painted or stained in different colors, wood shutters are a perfect option for the homeowner or discerning apartment designer who seeks a truly custom aesthetic. Real wood shutters are built to last from top quality lumber that will accent and enhance any living space.

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