The Landlord's Guide to Window Treatment Options

There are many commercial window coverings for apartments, and landlords might find they have difficulty choosing the best for each window. Each room has a different purpose, so different rooms often need separate window coverings near Milpitas and San Jose. Amenity rooms will have different window coverings from the units, and even windows within the units may have their own distinct window coverings. Here is a quick guide for the landlord considering window treatment options: Covering - Options

Amenity Rooms

When decorating the many different amenity rooms in an apartment building or community space, look for simple shutters. These commercial window coverings for apartments elevate the look of any room. Window shutters also allow tenants and apartment employees ease when controlling the amount of sunlight that enters the space. Install window shutters in the areas where tenants will visit often, such as the main office, gym, or clubhouse. The shutters will keep these areas cool and well-lit for anyone who enters.

Unit Windows

Roller shades or commercial blinds for apartments are best used to cover the windows in each unit. Roller shades often come with a cordless or retractable cord option, which makes these window treatments ideal for tenants with small children or pets. Commercial roller shades also come in a variety of colors and fabrics, which can open up different design opportunities. Blinds are another popular window covering, whether they come in aluminum, vinyl, or faux wood. Which horizontal blind design a that a landlord chooses depends on the proposed design scheme for each apartment unit.

Unit Glass Doors

The type of door that a unit has may determine the type of commercial window treatment is used for apartments. Sliding glass doors often utilize vertical blinds because they are cost-effective when outfitting several units. If units have French doors or a single glass door, then the landlord may utilize roller shades or commercial blinds for apartments. These types of blinds can be easily moved up and down when needed, and they will look more attractive on a narrow door.

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