Tips for Choosing the Best Horizontal Blinds for Your Apartment Building

Horizontal blinds are versatile window coverings that can bring style and function to any space. Are you in the market for commercial blinds for apartments in San Jose? If so, then continue reading for tips on choosing the best variety for your building. horizontal - blinds

Select a Practical Material

Aluminum blinds are a favorite among many apartment building owners because they are affordable, adaptable, and long-lasting. Also, tenants enjoy aluminum blinds because they offer great light-blocking ability due to their thin slats. Faux wood blinds can bring warmth and an inviting feel to a room, and they also provide great durability that can stand up to commercial use. Finally, PVC blinds resemble aluminum in appearance, but they are more resistant to warping and bending.

Weigh Your Width Options

The width that you select for your commercial blinds for apartments can have a big impact on the overall look and function of the window coverings. Most blinds come in slat sizes of ½-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch. Horizontal blinds with ½-inch slats are in high demand due to the contemporary feel that they can lend a room. Blinds with 1-inch slats are also widely used and tend to be less expensive than those with ½-inch slats because they take less labor to make. Finally, if you want your apartments to have an old-world and traditional look, then 2-inch slats could be the best option.

Be Careful About Color

As you consider your options for commercial blinds for apartments, you are likely to encounter a range of color options that are appealing. While you may be tempted to select a unique or bold hue that will stand out and be memorable, blinds for apartments should be versatile to coordinate with the furnishings of your tenants. For this reason, you should stick to neutrals like white and off-white. For other areas of your building, choose a bright or bold blind color only if you do not plan to change the area’s furnishings or color scheme any time soon.

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