Your Options for Minimizing Heat Transfer Through Windows

Landlords who decide to upgrade the commercial window treatments for their apartments have plenty of options to choose from. Many window coverings available in Milpitas, San Jose are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally smart. If you include utilities in the monthly rent, energy efficiency is likely a top priority. But even if utilities aren’t included, you may find that energy-efficient apartment rentals attract better tenants. plantation - shutters


Shades are a particularly popular type of commercial window treatment for apartment rentals because they add elegance to a room, they’re easy to care for, and they minimize heat transfer. Solar, cellular, and roller shades are available in a variety of color choices, although you may wish to choose a neutral color that is sure to please any tenant. Cellular shades are made in a honeycomb fashion. They feature pockets of air that improve the insulating effect. For best results, have the shades mounted close to the glass, and choose a size large enough to extend as close as possible to the sides of the window frames. Consider selecting a reversible shade with a reflective side and a heat-absorbing side. The reflective side should face the exterior during the summer to direct heat away from the apartment.


Interior shutters, often known as plantation shutters, are among the most upscale residential window coverings you can choose. They instantly boost the value of the property, and they improve energy efficiency. Plantation shutters fit snugly into the window frame. This allows them to minimize heat transfer, and form an insulating barrier between the apartment and the outdoors. Wood and vinyl shutters are both energy-efficient, although wood resists the conductivity of heat better.

Drapes and Blinds

Drapes tend to pair well with aluminum or faux wood blinds. Blinds by themselves can minimize heat transfer slightly, although they aren’t nearly as energy-efficient as honeycomb shades. When paired with heavy drapes, this option is far more effective. Drapes with white backings should be drawn during the summer months to reflect the sun’s rays away from the rental unit. During the chillier months, the drapes can be drawn overnight to minimize heat loss from the apartment.

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