Selecting a ShutterSMART Collection

If you are seeking a gorgeous alternative to traditional residential window coverings, new window shutters may offer exactly what you’re looking for. Plantation shutters can serve as beautiful window coverings for apartments and single-family homes. As you are shopping for residential window coverings and plantation shutters in San Jose, you may come across the ShutterSMART collection of products. To help you navigate all of the options that are available at your window treatment showroom, here is a tour of the highlights of the ShutterSMART collection. wood - shutters

PolyClad Wood Shutters

PolyClad Wood Shutters from ShutterSMART combine the durability of natural hardwood with the easy maintenance that is offered by poly surfacing. Each PolyClad Wood Shutter is built with a solid, hardwood center, which is then surfaced with poly materials. When you install these shutters throughout your home, you are sure to be impressed with how easy they are to clean and maintain. PolyClad Wood Shutters can also make a huge difference in the overall energy efficiency of your property.

Woodland Wood Composite Shutters

For those homeowners who are seeking green materials for their new shutters, Woodland Wood Composite Shutters are a great option. These shutters are crafted from natural wood materials, which do not contain paint or other chemicals that may contaminate your indoor air. If your goal is to create a home that is completely free of VOCs, you will find that Woodland Wood Composite Shutters are fabulous additions to your residence.

MiraMonte HardWood Shutters

In certain instances, only natural hardwood will suffice for your window treatments. When you are shopping for new shutters that are constructed entirely from natural hardwoods, consider MiraMonte HardWood Shutters. ShutterSMART crafts these all-wood shutters using traditional methods and materials. Once the hardwood shutters have been cut and dried, they will be finished with a durable primer that resists sunlight, moisture, and other forms of damage. If you have arched or round windows in your home, your MiraMonte HardWood Shutters can be built to fit the unique specifications of your window frames.

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